Township declines SD trade show invitation

“This year the township has decided or is unable to participate,” said councillor Evonne Delegarde at the April 3rd South Dundas council meeting.

The topic in question was the South Dundas Spring Home and Trade Show coming to the Morrisburg Arena this April 20th and 21st.

She told council that the South Dundas Chamber of Commerce “is wondering if there’s anything to be done to help the township participate.”

Chief administrative officer Stephen McDonald replied, “last year, the main purpose of going in was to promote the website. We certainly hadn’t planned for it to be a yearly ongoing thing.”

“We have numerous projects on the go and decided this was a project we couldn’t take on this year.”

“We’ve just gone through extensive public consultation.”

“Staff is also in the community. Staff works 35 plus hours per week. Whether we’re at the rink, the restaurant, the grocery store,” continued McDonald, “people don’t hesitate to bend our ear.”

He pointed out that “we have nothing against the Chamber.”

Delegarde made a final comment, pointing out that “the fire department is taking part in the trade show so…,” she paused, “maybe next year?”

The topic came to a close without a response.

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