Provincial funding is up for South Dundas


Municipalities were notified on January 24th of the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund’s (OMPF) budget decisions.

South Dundas has been allotted $1,046,000. This is $22,400 more than last year, according to the OMPF 2012 Allocation notice.

According to the government’s website, the OMPF “is the Province’s main transfer payment to municipalities. Its objectives are to: assist municipalities with their social program costs; support areas with limited property assessment; address challenges faced by northern and rural communities; and, respond to policing costs in rural communities.”

The surrounding SD&G municipalities will receive the following: North Glengarry will receive $2,010,700; North Stormont will receive $1,230,600; North Dundas will receive $958,700; South Glengarry will receive $1,188,800 which is $62,800 more than 2011; and, South Stormont will receive $999,200 which is $149,600 more than last year.

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