Locke team brings home the…mushrooms


It’s been a busy week for curlers from the Morrisburg Curling Club.

Mahlon Locke, Kathy Norg, and Wendy and Jim Casselman competed in the Metcalfe Mushroom Bonspiel recently. There were 24 teams entered, 22 of which were from Ottawa. In their three games, our folks played three Navy teams. They played well, and came home with mushroom prizes.

Our day ladies entered a team in a Navan bonspiel last week, and came home victorious. Alice Thompson, Susan McIntosh, Betty Locke and Sharon Van Allen defeated a foursome from Carleton Heights in the morning, enjoyed a delicious lunch and went onto the ice for a match against the R.A. Centre representatives. As in the morning, the Morrisburg team dominated, and came home with the championship and the prize money.

On Saturday, the Morrisburg women hosted the Broder, a two-team, four club competition, featuring Morrisburg, Metcalfe, Winchester and Russell. Our Morrisburg team of Greta McGann, Jenna Harrington, Kathy Hardy and Rachelle Eves won their first game against a Metcalfe foursome, and their second against a team from Russell. This put them in the ‘A’ final in the evening against the top Winchester team. Our Morrisburg people played well in the eight-end match, but the skilful Winchester quartet were able to eke out a win for the trophy and prizes. 

Our second Morrisburg team of Susan McIntosh, Kathy Norg, Leanne McCooeye and Wendy Casselman won their first match against the other Metcalfe team, but dropped their second in a tight game with the other Winchester squad. Winchester went on to play Russell, and Russell shook hands before the 8th end. It was an enjoyable day, with a fine lunch, and a delicious evening meal catered by Bill Laurin and his committee. The other volunteers, including our ice technician and his committee, kept the day running smoothly and on time.

Sunday, January 22 saw our Little Rockers hosting their Big Four Bonspiel, with the same format. Morrisburg #1, Keaghan Lowson, Kendrew Byers, Ewan Wilson and Nolan Belanger dropped their first game to a Metcalfe foursome. Next they lost to Russell and were eliminated from further play. 

Our other team, Morrisburg #2, consisted of Calvin Scott, Emily Poirier, Wyatt Jones and Jonathan Charette. They lost their first match to Winchester #2. Next they played Russell #2, who went on to the playoff with Winchester and defeated them in the ‘B’ final. The two Metcalfe teams met in the A final, and they took home the ‘A’ shield.

The third of four Parnell competitions will be held in Prescott, Friday, with two Morrisburg teams attempting to wrest the Parnell Trophy back. Again this time, four local teams vied for the privilege, with the playoff games last Friday. Sid Morrell, Raymond Benoit, Neil Williams and Al Harriman did battle with Peter Zeran, Jack Dikland, Karl Duncan and Earl Jeacle. It was an exciting, seesaw match, with the winner decided on the final rock in the last end. The Morrell team will attend the Prescott competition. In the other game, Martin Schneckenburger, Ron Beaupre, George Rutley and Bud Perry played Jack Barkley, Dave King, Doug Jarvis and Andy Patenaude. Jack Barkley’s foursome was victorious there.

The mixed invitational bonspiel had to be cancelled because of low numbers. Instead, the Hugh Hutchinson funspiel will be on today, with 10 teams of senior men in competition for the Hutchinson Trophy, and the stick bonspiel is tomorrow.    


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