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“My recommendation is to brand South Dundas Recreation,” said Ben Macpherson, Recreation Program Coordinator for South Dundas, at the January 17th council meeting.

Council agreed to the recommendation and Macpherson will soon be introducing a logo design contest to South Dundas residents of all ages.

Macpherson suggested that “the winning design would be launched  on the cover of the upcoming Spring/Summer Recreation Guide.”

According to Macpherson, both North Dundas Recreation and North Grenville Recreation have created their own logo and branding. “I felt that this was a very good way to improve the visibility of programming in the township,” he said.

“Branding will, over time, help develop an instant recognition of any program or activity run by or in partnership with South Dundas Recreation and the township,” suggested Macpherson.

“The underlying goal,” he continued, “is to foster community ownership through continued efforts, partnerships and cross-promotion of events involving residents, community groups and local businesses.”

Macpherson believes that “the symbol can be recognized as one of commitment, by the Township of South Dundas, to improving the quality of life of its residents.”

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