Counties present brand options


At the January 17th South Dundas council meeting, council members were treated with a presentation of the proposed new branding options for the Untied Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.

South Dundas Economic Development Officer Nicole Sullivan presented council with a report outlining the creation process behind the proposed brands. The presentation came complete with visuals and detailed explanations.

Both branding options incorporate SD&G’s geographic location in their proposed catchphrase. Each option is being considered for its wording, not for the accompanying picture. That will be decided on at a later date. 

Option one, The Counties @ 45, was chosen because “the Counties of SD&G are located at the 45th parallel, halfway between the Equator and the North Pole – @ the juncture of balanced living, adventure and business opportunity.” 

Option two, Gateway Counties, was chosen because “the Counties of SD&G lie on the doorstep of Ontario, near major Canadian cities and the United States – opening up new opportunities for business, tourism, and balanced living.” 

“To enhance its economic development activities, the United Counties wish to: position the region as an attractive location for business and tourism; present a unified and consistent brand message to strengthen recognition and become more effective; and, help locate Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry on the map.”

“A new logo mark has been developed that aims to convey key attributes to a wide range of target audiences spanning from business relocation consultants to tourists to local residents through a fresh look and feel.”

Following the presentation, council members were advised of an anonymous online survey to evaluate the two options. Mayor Steven Byvelds encouraged council members to complete the survey to “give the Counties something to go on when trying to make the decision in February.”

The Counties council is expected to make a decision in late February.

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