Non-profit housing receives tax relief


South Dundas council showed that it can be flexible and open to making amendments when necessary.

At the November 1st council meeting, Treasurer Shannon Geraghty, requested that council make an amendment to a previous resolution passed in October of 2007.

The original resolution approved a “grant-in-lieu amount of $153,192 over 20 years to the Affordable Housing Program project on Hess Street in Williamsburg,” which meant that from 2008 to 2027 “the difference between multi-residential and residential to a maximum of $7,659.60 per year” would be granted.

As Geraghty pointed out, “those (actual tax) amounts fluctuate from year to year.”

“This year,” he continued, “the amount we allotted to them doesn’t cover the difference between multi-residential and residential.”

He acknowledge that it’s a “hard number to come up with (and they’ll need to) deal with it year by year in the budget.”

Adding the increase to the rent rates would put “the agreement with the Province for the Affordable Housing Program in contravention.”

South Dundas Mayor Steven Byvelds admitted that the requested action would “probably cost a few dollars, but (would) keep us in compliance with the province.”

He agreed that the requested amendment would “make the whole idea behind (the resolution) flow better.”

Council unanimously passed the amendment and the resolution now reads: “THAT the Council of the Township of South Dundas provide a payment-in-lieu for the difference in the amount paid between the Multi-Residential versus Residential for the municipal portion only to the Williamsburg Non-Profit Housing Corporation for a period of 19 years including the 2011 taxation year.”

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