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A few weeks ago the Leader reported that the South Dundas township had been hit with some unexpected costs in the form of roof-top heating units.

Manager for Recreation Facilities, Don Lewis, updated council at the November 1st meeting as to the status of the tendered bids and the roof-top units.

Lewis reported that the estimated cost to replace or repair the units located at the Justice Building in Morrisburg and the Iroquois Civic Centre was originally $15,000. 

Five tendered bids, each in a sealed envelope, were received at the township office from the following companies: Atel Air Heating & Air Conditioning, Neal’s Heating & Cooling, Morrisburg Plumbing & Heating, Coral Canada Wide, and Climate Works Heating & Cooling. 

Moments after the October 25th deadline, the bids were opened and reviewed by Deputy Mayor Jim Locke, Chief Administrative Officer Stephen McDonald, and Manager of Recreation Facilities, Don Lewis.

“In reviewing the quotations the costs exceeded the initial estimates, but as per the direction given by council to staff, replacing these units are a necessity for the operation of the Justice Building and the Iroquois Civic Centre.”

Atel Air Heating & Air Conditioning won with a bid of $23,950.55, including the HST rebate.

Lewis reported that the installation and repairs to units were already underway.

Councillor Archie Mellan inquired as to the warranty provided for the units. 

Lewis informed council that out of the five bids, only one provided a twenty year warranty. This was due to the stainless steel heat exchanger involved.

Atel Air Heating & Air Conditioning, along with three other companies, gave bids with ten year warranties attached. 

McDonald explained that the “difference in price over ten years was minimal.”

Mayor Steven Byvelds applauded the process taken, making it clear that “everything was done fair and square.”

The proffered bids were as follows: Atel Air Heating & Air Conditioning, $23950.55; Neal’s Heating & Cooling, $26,322.01; Morrisburg Plumbing & Heating, $29,102.88; Coral Canada Wide, $32,614.10; and, Climate Works Heating & Cooling, $32,953.98.

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