Fun, education and safety: SD fire fighters keep busy

On September 18th volunteer fire fighters from the Iroquois, Morrisburg and Williamsburg stations came together as one unit at the Morrisburg fire station.

The stations, no longer separate entities, comprise what is now the South Dundas Fire & Emergency Services (SDF&ES).

Fire Chief Chris McDonough met with the Leader on September 14th to discuss some of the exciting changes taking place at SDF&ES, including the upcoming safety and educational programs coming to South Dundas.

According to McDonough, “the past few months our fire service has been upgrading a lot of our personal protection equipment (PPE) such as self contained breathing apparatus, helmets and boots.”

“Also, along with that Iroquois purchased a new pick-up for SDF&ES as a support vehicle for personnel transport and training.”

He explained that the money required for the purchases came directly from the stations’ fundraising endeavours with each station funding their own purchases.

McDonough feels that “the community needs to be aware of the commitment these fire fighters have for their community.”

With the amount of time each volunteer gives per week, McDonough says that “it’s like they have two full-time jobs.”

In addition to general meetings, fire fighters also meet on a regular basis for training, cleaning of the firehouse and equipment, fundraising, and more.

One of the requirements of becoming a volunteer fire fighter is the willingness to be on call even during the day.

At the moment, the Iroquois and Williamsburg stations are beginning interviews to add a few more volunteers to their rosters. Morrisburg’s numbers are fine.

Each station in SDF&ES has a Deputy Fire Chief as well as officers and fire fighters.

In the next couple of weeks fire fighters will be canvassing all of South Dundas.

During this door-to-door campaign, fire fighters will check to see that each home is outfitted with the correct number of functioning smoke alarms. Should a residence be missing a smoke alarm, the fire fighters will provide and install a new one free of charge.

In addition to ensuring that all homes in South Dundas are equipped with the requisite smoke alarms, the South Dundas Fire & Emergency Services will also be hosting Fire Prevention Week from October 9th to 15th.

Fire Prevention Week will kick-off on Saturday, October 8th with  an open house at each fire station location. The event will last from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

McDonough says they “haven’t done this in a number of years.”

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