Matilda Recreation awarded $60,000 for rink and building

SOUTH DUNDAS – As recommended by the South Branch Community Fund Committee, South Dundas council approved $60,000 worth of funding allocations at their regular meeting of council August 14.

Both of the approved applications were from the Matilda Memorial Recreation Committee, to fund two upcoming projects.

$4,000 will go towards replacing the puck boards at the busy outdoor rink.

The other $56,000 allocation is for the building renovation.

Having signed a lease in 2019 to work towards renovation of the former Matilda municipal office building in Brinston to transform it into a usable indoor space and community hub, Shellie Spencer of the Matilda Memorial Recreation Committee updated council, and the community on the status of the renovation project.

“A lot has gone on behind the scenes,” said Spencer.

That behind the scenes work includes septic approvals, professional detailed drawings and permitting.

“We are waiting for quotes and teetering on the edge of making a decision to start the renovation project,” she explained.

The plan is to have the heating, plumbing and electrical work done within the next six months.

“We think we can make it happen,” said Spencer. “I’m proud of what we’ve done so far and I know we can do a lot more.”

She told council that the committee may need to extend its initial lease agreement beyond the original five year term because they lost two years to the pandemic.

At this point, the municipality is covering the heat and hydro costs of that building, but Spencer said that the committee is planning to take over those costs once they get the building open.

The South Branch Community Fund is an annual $30,000 funding allocation paid to the municipality to fund community projects within a specific geographic area paid for by the Brinston area wind farm.

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