Carsie Blanton headed for Stone Crop Acres Sunday

MORRISBURG – She is an independent, free spirit, based in Philadelphia, whose music reflects her refusal to be tied down to any one style or genre. Her musical muses have been artists like Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell and John Prine. She has appeared with The Wood Brothers, and toured extensively through the US and Europe, performed with a funk band and taken up swing dancing. Her songs reflect her strong personality and her views on many topics. Yet she has also written that “what I actually want to do is make beautiful music and give it to everyone.”

Carsie Blanton is coming to Harmony Concerts at Stone Crop Acres Winery on Sunday, May 21 at 7 pm.

I had the opportunity to talk with her about her music and her upcoming concert at the Winery, and I asked her how she, herself, would describe her music?

“Well, I actually try to avoid describing my musical style,” Carsie told me, laughing. “What I would say is that I am a songwriter first, who is inspired by many, many things. Like everyone, I’ve gone through a lot of different phases, although I would have to say that I have become more strongly political since 2016. Yes, I do write protest songs, but they are catchy, and actually fun.”

Originally from Virginia, she grew up on a cattle farm. Her family was very musical, so love of music came early. She taught herself to play the guitar, because “I figured out I had to learn how to put down guitar chords to create my songs.” She went on her first tour, as a back up performer in a funk band, when she was just 16. And frankly, she’s never looked back. “I caught the music bug early,” Carsie said. “Oh yes, I always thought I’d get a “real” job one day, but so far that hasn’t happened. Truthfully, I love the travel, I love performing, and I love the wonderful collaborative aspects of music, working with other musicians.” She admits she didn’t realize just how much she loved live performances and that intimate relationship with an audience till COVID shut everything down. She unfortunately contacted COVID and had to cancel an earlier concert scheduled for the Winery a year and a half ago.

Starting with ‘Ain’t So Green’ in 2005, Carsie has released a number of independent albums, including the powerful ‘Love & Rage’ in 2021 and ‘Body of Work’ in 2022. Her musical tribute to John Prine went viral, particularly among older fans. Her “Rich People” resonated powerfully with younger fans. Her work is always original, and Carsie Blanton’s passion for music is always evident.

“I am an entertainer,” Carsie said. “I know that’s an old fashioned term, but I truly love the Vaudeville aspects of being an entertainer, of going on stage. When I perform live, I love to joke with the audience between songs, and frankly, I do some joking in my songs too.”

Very talented fellow musicians Joe Plowman (bass) and Patrick Firth (keyboards) will be coming to Morrisburg with her for her Winery concert. “They have been with me for years, and we are strongly and musically in sync. We love to perform, and all of us are deeply committed to the music.”

Her concert at the Winery, she said laughing, “will include some far left politics, jokes, and a good amount of fun in the music. There will also be some beautiful harmonies with Joe and Patrick. I find my music connects with a wide range of audiences.”

Carsie Blanton, coming to the Winery on Sunday, May 21, at 7 p.m. is a passionate, unique performer. As she said, “Music is part of my soul and spirit. Sharing songs and stories live on stage is vital to all our well-being.”

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