Seaway Scoop: New faces at Seaway DHS

By Avery Adair

With the opening of the school’s doors this September 6, we are once again “welcoming” the grind of copious amounts of homework, special events planned by our Link CREW, and the regaining of lost opportunities stripped away during COVID-19.

However, that’s not all that’s new here. Several first-time staff members have been added to this year’s roster including Meaghan Greavette, Emma Parrott-Mayer, Jay Kinsman (now as an official full time staff member), Joanne Bannister, Kelli Mckay, and Emerson Wheeler.

The latter, who now teaches the Grade 11 Chemistry/Environmental Sciences has agreed to an interview for The Scoop.

“I think it’s a phenomenal school,” said Wheeler “It’s been great seeing a different part of SDHS and being familiar with students from the area like me… I’m looking forward to seeing how the students bring their own interests into science as well as in the guitar club I am hoping to start.”

It’s thanks to many enthusiastic Spartans that plans for clubs, teams, and events are on the way for students and staff, some ranging from a student run tutoring program, a swing dancing club, a tennis group, and golf tryouts to mention a few.

Field trips for all grade levels are also cause for celebration, especially to Grade 9 Mikayla Roberts who said, “This school year is going pretty good for the first week. It’s great that there are more events and things going on unlike before. I’m also especially excited for the upcoming sports and field trips promised.”

However, besides the new festivities being planned, we are even more excited to welcome many new students coming into Grade 9 as well as those transferring to Seaway from other areas; Chiara Tardivo is one such person, who has travelled from Italy to join our school.

“New people, your culture, it’s all a very different way of living. but in a good way” says Tardivo.

And on that, I think most can agree. With school life now back to normal, there’s hope in making this year one that will be exciting to experience. So, with the exit of summer and the entering of fall, let’s be open to imagining new possibilities, travelling to unexplored frontiers, and kicking off our 2022-2023 school year in a great way; here’s to a year to remember Spartans!

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