Resident concerns raised over SDWDC development

SOUTH DUNDAS – Several concerns were raised by residents at a public meeting held August 16 for a proposed subdivision at Lakeshore Drive and Dr. Stevens Drive in South Dundas.
The South Dundas Waterfront Development Corporation has proposed a three-lot subdivision project.
A number of residents showed concern over how the rules would be enforced if the subdivision application is approved.
Steve Cruickshank spoke on behalf of his mother, Marlene Cruickshank, who owns the adjoining property on Dr. Stevens Drive. He said that she owns the land between Dr. Stevens Drive and the subdivision being developed.
“We’ve had it surveyed and there is a parcel of land that separates this development from Dr. Stevens Drive and that is owned by my mom,” Cruickshank said. “So that’s an issue and as far as access goes across her property we have not granted anybody the right to have access across that property. Any of the work that has been done so far has not been with our consent and we would prefer that it did not happen or continue.”
Helen Johnson said she was surprised that some of the work with clearing the property had already begun considering that according to the application vegetation had to be retained.
“My concerns are, are the rules being respected and how can you ensure that going forward, that all these things [the developer] claims he is going to do are indeed done,” Johnson said. “I have concerns about the people involved with this project as I am sure most of the people know of these people.”
Janeen Wagemans said she is concerned about compliance issues as well.
SDG County Planner Peter Young said that developers are allowed to do certain preliminary work before a subdivision plan is approved.
Wagemans also asked for clarification of the Municipality of South Dundas’ involvement in the project.
“The website for South Dundas Waterfront Development Corporation has given quite a number of people the impression that this is a waterfront development officially by South Dundas,” she said. “It makes it seem like this is a municipal website. People would think it has more credibility than it probably does.”
South Dundas mayor Steven Byvelds stated that “The South Dundas Waterfront Development Corporation has no ties to the Municipality of South Dundas.”
Loraine and John Moran spoke in favour of the development as they are a prospective buyer of one of the three homes to be built.
“We are future, hopefully, homeowners of one of the property,” John said. “We are just looking forward to moving to South Dundas once we get through all this stuff.”
John Allison questioned if the road was a public or private road, to which Mayor Steven Byvelds said the municipality is looking into its status.
Jim Millard said he was concerned about the access to the lots from Lakeshore Drive.
“There’s already one allegedly temporary driveway which is pretty large and has a pretty big culvert, and is in a pretty bad spot in that curve,” he explained. “If there is going to be a second driveway coming out on to Lakeshore that is going to be equally troublesome.”
He also questioned why the culverts installed already were covered with fill.
“That is going to impede water flow tremendously if it is left there all winter,” Millard said.
He also questioned the number of wells that were drilled already on the property which the planner for the project, Tracy Zander from Zanderplan said she would look into.
Elaine Stevens sought clarification over the definition of waterfront property. The land being developed by the SDWDC is not considered waterfront as Ontario Power Generation owns the shoreline due to the St. Lawrence Seaway project.
No decision on the subdivision plan for the proposed SDWDC project was made at the meeting. Young said a decision on the project would be made later this year by the SDG County planning department and go before County Council for final approval then.

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