Surprise visitor brings an unexpected gift

Good news return to 2020 Deeks Road fire site – Friday South Dundas Fire and Emergency Services chief Cameron Morehouse dropped by this Deeks Road property with a special delivery for 13 year-old Brodie Roberts. Morehouse surprised Brodie with a replacement for an award won in 2018 that was destroyed when his family’s home was destroyed by fire in December 2020. (The Leader/Comfort photo)

MORRISBURG – There’s no disputing that losing a family home to fire is heartbreaking.

The Roberts family on Deeks Road in South Dundas lost their home and all its contents to fire in December 2020.

Last week Mom Natasha Roberts, with the help of South Dundas Fire and Emergency Services, was able to return something special lost in the fire to her son Brodie Roberts (13).

“As a parent it’s hard because what he was most upset about losing, was not the replaceable things like books and toys and clothes, it’s the irreplaceable things,” Tasha told The Leader when South Dundas Fire and Emergency Services fire chief Cameron Morehouse arrived at their Deeks Road property Friday with a surprise for Brodie.

The thing that Brodie was most upset about losing in the fire was his 2018 SDFES plaque that he won for his entry in the fire safety poster contest.

“He cried for hours over that award,” said Tasha. So she reached out to the fire chief to see if he could help replace that award for Brodie.

Brodie was speechless, and emotional about getting this replacement award.

He managed only to say thank you to Chief Morehouse as he struggled to keep his emotions in check.

“This award was a big deal for him,” said his mom, explaining that this is the first award he ever won for doing something completely on his own, which is something he was really proud of.

“It really means a lot to us to be able to replace this award for Brodie,” said Morehouse, adding that it is really nice to hear that Brodie thought so highly of the fire service and this award that he won through their contest.

Tasha also has a surprise arranged for her son Devin that will be especially meaningful specifically to him.

Brodie and Devin Roberts are the 13 year old sons of Natasha and Chris Roberts. They are St. Mary – St. Cecilia Catholic School students who are just finishing Grade 7.

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