Iroquois historic sign project on its way

Iroquois Waterfront Committee photos courtesy J. Ross and D. Fetterly

MORRISBURG – It’s still early in the season, but already the Iroquois Waterfront Committee is making steady progress towards some new additions to the Iroquois waterfront that will make a stroll along with waterfront walking paths a little more interesting.

This year, nine commemorative signs to honour the Village of Iroquois prior to the Seaway project will be installed.

This is the first year of a multi year project and the first nine commemorations with accompanying photos have been selected and have been sent off for production.

“Without the help of John Gleed, this project would not have been possible,” said committee secretary Jim Millard.

He announced that the installation closest to the Iroquois beach will be a picture and history of Fetterly’s Garage.

One of the town’s oldest businesses at the time of the Seaway, it was located approximately where the beach now sits. It was relocated to the north east corner of the County Road 1 and 2 intersection, featuring a modern showroom in 1958 and a service area, which is now home to KBD Transportation.

Millard explained that all of the historic signs will be located in the approximate areas of the pre-Seaway images featured on the historic signs.

The committee expects the first signs to be ready for installation in early July.

He looks forward to adding more signs in future years. “There’s lots of room out there for more pictures in future years,” he said.

Another project that the committee wants to start this year for continuation into future years is the installation of commemorative benches.

Committee chair John Ross (pictured left) was able to get a prototype bench delivered to the waterfront last week to help kick start the program.

“This one is the one I was going to provide in commemoration of my daughter’s life,” he said as he asked the committee to authorize its installation.

They agreed to the bench design chosen and its location near the pumphouse as that is the view of the waterfront Ross’ late daughter grew up seeing from the Ross’ Elizabeth Drive home.

The approximate cost of this bench was $3150.

Although delivery times make it unlikely that further benches could be installed this year, in future years the committee foresees people donating funds to support the installation of further commemorative benches to provide rest areas for people to enjoy year-round at the Iroquois waterfront.


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