Stay-at-Home order details released

TORONTO – Less than four hours before a new 28-day Stay-at-Home order goes into effect, the full details on what is allowed and not allowed has just been released by the provincial government.

The order goes into effect tomorrow (January 14th) at 12:01 a.m.

Every person is to remain in their residence at all times unless they must leave for work, school, childcare or purchasing essential goods like groceries. You can go to work if your job cannot be done remotely, but public safety measures still need to be followed.

If in-person learning is allowed at a school or post-secondary institution, you can still go. Currently all elementary and secondary schools are remote learning, but some colleges and universities still have in-person learning in select programs.

If you need childcare, that is open as well.

The order says that you can go and buy food, beverages and personal care items. This includes goods for health and safety, health care, medications, and for cleaning and maintenance supplies.

If you need to go the bank, or access businesses and services that are allowed to be open by appointment under the lockdown, you still go.

Accessing government services such as social services, housing, mental health supports and addiction treatment services are allowed.

If you volunteer or help others, you still can. This includes delivering goods or providing care in congregate care settings, or helping people with accessing what is still allowed to be open during the Stay-at-Home order.

The order still allows for someone to protect themselves from a domestic violence situation and leave, or for a person to leave unsafe living conditions, or seek emergency assistance.

Exercise is allowed including going for a walk, moving around outdoors, or accessing an outdoor recreation amenity that is still open after the Boxing Day lockdown began.

If you have a court date, the Stay-at-Home order does not prevent you from attending.

A person can travel between the homes of parents or guardians if the person is under their care.

You can still buy or sell property or arrange to lease or rent property during the Stay-at-Home order. And you can still move into that new property too.

Travel to an airport, bus or train station is allowed if you are travelling to a point outside of Ontario.

Up to 10 people can attend a wedding, funeral or religious service under restrictions already issued when the lockdown began on December 26th, 2020.

A person who lives alone can join the members of one other household. No other household groupings or “bubbles” are allowed. Outdoor groups can be of no more than five people. There are exceptions such as a family with five kids.

If you have a pet, you can still go to the veterinary, get animal food or supplies, and take your pet out for exercise.

The full details of the order is available here.

The Stay-at-Home order is in effect for 28-days.

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