Plaza speed limits to drop to 20 km/h

MORRISBURG – An official speed limit bylaw is in the works for South Dundas and once it is enacted there is a significant change coming for the Iroquois and Morrisburg Plazas.

Council reviewed the draft speed limit bylaw at its Monday Committee of the Whole meeting.

The bylaw will basically make the existing posted and un-posted limits official and therefore enforceable across all of South Dundas.

In villages that limit is 50 km/hour and outside of those boundaries it is 80 km/h.

South Dundas has always defaulted to the Highway traffic act speed limits, but there will be some exceptions to those rules which need to be spelled out in the new bylaw.

Those exceptions are generally areas where the default is not sensible.

Most notably, the streets through the Morrisburg and Iroquois Plazas, by default are technically 50 km/h streets.

That limit will be dropping to 20 km/h.

“The plaza being 50 km/h, that’s just out of this world,” said South Dundas councillor Donald Lewis, who suggested it be posted and dropped to 20 km/h.

He said that he made a point to travel the plaza at 10, 15 and 20 km/h to determine which would be most sensible and recommended 20 km/h.

Council agreed.

During these discussions, council also agreed that Lakeshore Drive’s speed limit should be 50 km/h within town limits with the remainder going to 60 km/h.

When that road belonged to the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, a portion was posted with a 70 km/h speed limit, but South Dundas council will have that dropped to 60 km/h.

These proposed changes will not be enacted until such time as council passes the necessary bylaw at an upcoming council meeting.

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