Wanderings: It goes on and on…

The Christmas season usually leads to having some downtime from the daily routines of work, kids, and other activities. A merry time for being festive. Where you don’t have to worry about work or commitments, with one exception: The “to-do” list.

These lists go by many names: the “honey-do” list, the “must-do” list, or my favourite, the “do this or else” list. Usually that one is accompanied by a frown face, another favourite.

Lists are important in life, they keep us organized. That’s something I apparently need a lot of help with because there are lists everywhere.

Cut the trim; Install the kick-plates for the new kitchen cupboards; Fix the drywall in the basement; Paint the bedroom; Finish something.

Painting hundreds of feet of new baseboard trim is way less exciting than watching an English Premier League soccer game.

Don’t try using the excuse that you can’t scrape the few remaining flakes of paint off the window frames, because its part of a long-term science experiment for the kid’s science fair project. It won’t work, believe me I’ve tried.

To shorten the list, and preserve some time for me, I’ve tried contracting out work to a handyman (or handy person now). Just as it’s taken two plus years for South Dundas to fix its issues with the Carman House, getting a handyman to fix a door your kid busted can take a long time too.

Ask many realtors and they will tell you that home ownership has its rewards; I have yet to see it.

Sometimes inspiration hits, or that burst of energy that you get when a looming deadline is on the horizon. Organization happens, the tools and materials are there to finish a job. The work gets done.

There should be a feeling of accomplishment, knowing that list is one item shorter. You think to yourself that you can sit back and relax. Except it’s not.

Your reward for a job well done: Another project gets added to the list.

It is the list that never ends; it goes on and on my friends.

Since you’re here…

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