SDFES equipped with ASD Calming Kits

After a successful Autism Awareness Campaign held in April, Rachel’s Kids was able to create 30 ASD Emergency Calming Kits for first responders throughout SD&G. Executive Director Kim Lauzon presented three of these kits to South Dundas Mayor Steven Byvelds and director of fire and emergency services Cameron Morehouse. (Courtesy photo)

SOUTH DUNDAS — In April, the Rachel’s Kids’ Autism Awareness Campaign, ‘Let Your Blue Shine Through’, saw great success promoting and advocating for awareness with campaign chair, Kalem Payment a 13-year-old boy with Autism.

Funding raised through the sale of campaign merchandise was put back into the community through the creation of 30 ASD Emergency Vehicle Calming Kits. These kits have been made available to first responders in SD&G and the surrounding areas. Included in the kits are tools to help and comfort a child with special needs when in distress. The items include noise cancelling headphones, timers, weighted lap pads, PEC Cards with universal images, fidget and tactile objects, a massage roller, bubbles, a pinwheel and the Rachel’s Kids bear, TED.

South Dundas mayor, Steven Byvelds and director of fire and emergency services, Cameron Morehouse were please to accept three of the kits from Kim Lauzon, Rachel’s Kids executive director, on July 24.

“These kits are another resource that will assist our first responders in providing essential care to each and every member of our community,” said Morehouse. “Each of the three kits will be accessible to our members, stored on the three South Dundas pumpers and our staff will undergo training this Fall.”

“South Dundas is proud to be part of the SD&G communities equipped with this innovative tool. Not only will they allow our first responders to expand their range of care to our residents, but will help further South Dundas’ commitment to be an accessible and inclusive community,” said Byvelds.

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