Overall enrolment up – secondary numbers down at CDSBEO

KEMPTVILLE – Overall enrolment at the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario is up in 2018-19, but secondary school enrolment has seen a four percent decline from this time last year.

The board released its enrolment numbers in a report to the trustee board on May 7th as part of a financial update.

The CDSBEO reported a 1.4 per cent increase in overall enrolment from its estimate for the 2018-19 school year. Kindergarten to Grade 12 enrolment was budgeted as 12,434 students, the revised budget enrolment is 12,612 students. In 2017-18, the board reported a total enrolment of 12,556 students. Year-over-year comparison shows only a 0.4 per cent increase in enrolment with the board.

Enrolment for junior-kindergarten to Grade 3 students was estimated at 4,000 for 2018-19, the March 31st estimate for this year is 4,207 students, or a 5.2 per cent increase. Actual enrolment for 2017-18 was 4,139 students, meaning the year-over-year increase was 1.6 per cent.

In Grades 4 to 8, the board estimated 4,560 students for 2018-19, while the revised enrolment is 4,675 students, a 2.8 per cent increase. Last year’s actual enrolment was 4,533 students, which places the year-over-year increase at 3 per cent this year.

Secondary school enrolment for 2018-19 was estimated at 3,874 students, however the board reported enrolment of 3,730 students. Actual enrolment in 2017-18 was 3,885 students, amounting to a 4 per cent year-over-year decrease in enrolment at Catholic secondary schools.

School boards calculate enrolment numbers twice a year for the Ministry of Education to calculate education funding: October 31st and March 31st. Those numbers, combined with the ministry’s technical funding documents are used to fund the five publicly-funded school systems that operate in Ontario.

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