Street-scape may become reality sooner than planned

MORRISBURG – Morrisburg’s new street-scape vision and traffic roundabout may arrive sooner than planned.

On March 12th, the provincial government announced a $30 billion infrastructure funding program. The first round of that funding is dedicated to road and bridge projects specifically in rural and northern municipalities with a population of under 100,000.

South Dundas mayor Steven Byvelds told The Leader that the municipality, and the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry are planning to jointly apply to the province for the street-scape and roundabout project.

Byvelds said he had a discussion with Counties CAO Tim Simpson, and Counties director of transportation and planning Ben deHaan about a joint application for the Morrisburg Street-Scape project.

“They felt it was a project we can work together on,” Byvelds said.

“It is a project that is close to tender once the comments have been received and any changes incorporated.”

The application window for the new funding program opened March 18th. Municipalities have eight weeks to apply.

Byvelds is hopeful that the application, once made, will be successful.

“We all believe a joint project like this will demonstrate to the province that municipalities are working together.”

“A project like this provides a safer driving environment, and provides potential economic advantages, as it may encourage more tourists to stop and enjoy what Morrisburg has to offer,” he said.

“This, in turn, will give us an opportunity to tell them about SDG and South Dundas, and hopefully encourage people to explore our area,” he added.

The funding program from the province falls under the Canada Infrastructure Program, which will unlock the $30 billion program. Ontario’s portion of that fund is 33 per cent, or $10.2 billion.
This program is similar to project funding 10 years ago during the recession, where each level of government contributed one-third of the funding.

If successful, South Dundas and SDG would jointly be responsible for one-third of the cost of the project.

There will be three other phases of funding applications for municipalities to apply for. The second phase will focus on public transit, the third will target green initiatives, and the fourth – community, culture, and recreation.

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