Brinston Archives building demolition proposed

SOUTH DUNDAS – A proposed four-year building plan discussed at a South Dundas committee of the whole meeting held December 11th would see the Brinston Archives building demolished.

Proposed by director of recreation and facilities Ben Macpherson, the building demolition would cost $30,000.

Macpherson said that taking the unneeded building down would improve the curb appeal of the park behind it and that there would be a cleanup and landscaping of the area to go with it.

“Now I have a hard time tearing that building down,” councillor Archie Mellan told council. “The Matilda Rec committee has expressed an interest in the building and we just can’t take that building away.”

Mayor Steven Byvelds suggested that a trade off to keeping the building could be installation of lights at the ball diamonds.

“We need to have a discussion with Matilda Rec before we do anything,” Mellan said.

Deputy mayor Kirsten Gardner suggested that the discussion should involve more that the one group in that area.

No decision on the fate of the building was made at the meeting. The issue will be brought up again during budget consultations.

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