Editorial: Let it snow, or not

Often heard in recent years has been the lament: it’s sure hard to be in the holiday spirit when there is no snow on the ground. For Canadians, a white Christmas is as traditional as a turkey at the dinner table, presents under the tree, tuques and ties for Dad…again.

Over the past ten years, South Dundas has seen five white and five bare Christmases. In fact, Christmas Eve 2015 was a record-breaking 19 degrees Celsius, and Christmas Day a near record-breaking 8 degrees. Debate is already raging around predictions for Christmas 2017.

As the weather suffers from its usual up and down tribulations, still one truth should stand out. We do not really need snow to have Christmas cheer.

Think about it.

The warmer weather was certainly much appreciated by those who attended the annual Morrisburg Santa Claus parade. The lack of snow did not dampen any Christmas cheer on the faces along the route as the bands and floats rolled by.

Look to our neighbours farther to the south where snow suits and fir trees are traded for board shorts and palm trees. While palm trees decked with twinkling lights may not be our typical Canadian Christmas ideal, is it any less festive? Are people still filled with cheer?

The very first Christmas did not have snow. Snow, it seems, may not actually be a requirement of the season.

One added benefit to the lack of snow this first week of December, aside from the relief of farmers still pulling crops off the fields, is a big one. Weather is no longer a viable excuse to not hit the stores to finish (or start – you know who you are!) your Christmas shopping.

The warmer weather does give us all the advantage of not freezing while belatedly putting up our Christmas lights. If you still need some more inspiration, Alight at Night would be downright pleasant in this warmer spell. Even the toy train ride could be bearable, since parents might just be able to skip the usual pre-visit struggle of getting the wee ones into those snow suits.

Instead of saying it’d be nice to have a ton of white snow on the ground, let’s say instead, “have some Christmas cheer, whatever the weather. Tis’ the season to be jolly.”

Besides, wait until February. Bet your opinion of snow will change by then.

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