Pioneers declaw Wildcats 7-4 at home

WILLIAMSBURG – The Kemptville Wildcats roared into Williamsburg June 1st to take on the Pioneers, but were sent home after losing the lead in the second inning.

Dryden Buter started on the mound for Pioneers, walking the first batter for the Wildcats. He struck out the next two batters before allowing three single-base hits and an RBI. The Pioneers could not get any traction in the bottom of the first inning, quickly going through the top-four of the batting order. Kemptville led 1-0 going into the second inning.

The Wildcats increased their lead by two runs in the top of the second inning with Buter walking four runners on base.

Buter redeemed himself in the bottom of the inning as he was walked on base, and was the tying run across the plate. Olivia Mudde, Terrence Mudde and Ben Joldersma also crossed the plate to give the team a 4-1 lead.

At the top of the third inning, Cam Shaver started on the pitchers mound for the Pioneers, allowing for one run with one walk on base and three strikeouts.

The Pioneers added to their lead in the bottom of the third. Olivia had a single-base hit, while Terrence had a three-base hit, earning an RBI. Joldersma had a single-base hit and an RBI. Later in the inning, with the bases loaded, Joldersma crossed the plate, being walked home when Brayden Barrie was walked by the Wildcats pitcher.

The fourth inning had Shaver back on the mound, striking out the Wildcats batters three in a row.

The Wildcats made short work of the bottom of the inning, striking out Buter. Olivia had a three-base hit and was in striking order of another run but was left on base as Terrence, and teammate Devon Honders were struck out to finish the inning.

Barrie pitched clean-up for the top of the fifth inning. He set up a single-base hit on each of the the first three Wildcat runners.

Barrie locked it down striking out the next three batters to finish off the win for the Pioneers, 7-4 over the Wildcats.

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