Sports Wanderings – Attitude matters

While we appear to be living in more of a participation medal society, when it comes to youth sports, thankfully there are still many cases where merit matters.

There are leagues and sports where everyone is able to play or compete. Some sports, some teams require tryouts and competition to make the team.


Opportunities where one has work hard to make the team can help youth develop, both physically, and mentally. Coping with success and failure can build character.

Making the team is great, but once there, attitude matters. This extends not just to when you get playing time, but when you are waiting on the side lines.

Complaining and griping from players on the sidelines can be a bit much to hear. That goes to attitude and it is not necessarily something that the coaches always hear.

Players who make the team should be applauded for their work: at the same time they need a bit of humility.

Complaints about playing time, or talking about how they could be doing something else instead of sitting on the bench, highlights the need for some humility.

For every player who made the team, there’s a player who did not.  Remember, he would be glad to have the chance at the spot you have.

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