Baking Cupcakes for Cuties at Seaway

IROQUOIS – Seaway District High School will be holding a sweet fundraiser as part of National Cupcake Day for SPCAs and Humane Societies on Tuesday, February 28th, and they are inviting not only the students but also community members to participate.

The Cupcakes for Cuties Bake Sale to raise money for the local SPCA is going to be a scrumptious event with irresistible treats that will help raise awareness and urgently-needed funds to support animals that are abused, abandoned, neglected or no longer wanted.

The team of students organizing the event will be baking delectable cupcakes that they will sell at the bake sale.

The bake sale runs from 11:20 to 12:20 at the school on February 28th and anyone is welcome to drop by to check out the bake sale. “Not only will you get to enjoy a yummy cupcake, but you’ll be supporting a cause that is very close to our hearts,” the organizers said.

Jayme Henry, a student organizer with the event said that they are also accepting pre-orders, if anyone wants to pick up a batch for co-workers, friends or family members. To pre-order contact Jayme directly ( or text 1-613-915-3730).

For those who wish to support this charity but cannot attend the bake sale to buy cupcakes, donations can be made online (

As part of this fundraiser donations of animal necessities such as blankets, towels, animal toys, stuffed animals and pet food are also being accepted at the school.

Anyone with suitable items to donate can drop them off at the Seaway District High School office.

*Editor’s note – The reported date for this event was February 27th. It has been corrected to February 28th.

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