Pizza Hut to open in Morrisburg


A new restaurant option will be on the menu in South Dundas in mid to late November when Morrisburg resident, Bill Dillabough opens his Pizza Hut ‘take-out’ franchise in the Pinkus Plaza.

“My target date is November 30th, earlier if possible,” says Dillabough who has 10 years experience with Pizza Hut in Cornwall.

To be located at the east end of the Pinkus Plaza, Dillabough’s franchise in Morrisburg will be a ‘take out’ only.

“I will have a full Pizza Hut menu, but there will be fewer choices in some of the items. For instance, I will have Caesar salad, but maybe not all the other choices.”

Dillabough says the take-out menu will include Pizza Huts’ popular sides and desserts, pizzas, pastas and wings.

He expects to employ up to 20 employees and positions will be available for cooks, order desk receptionists and drivers. In-house and on-line training will be provided and resumes are now being accepted.

 “We will be offering delivery and take out, but there will be no dining in. We will be open seven days per week from 11 a.m. until closing.”

Pizza Hut take-out franchises are very popular in urban areas and Dillabough estimates that of the 11 Pizza Huts in Ottawa, only three or four are dine in. The take-outs are very successful he says.

“I will have all that Pizza Hutt has to offer, and will be operating on a personal and local level.”

Customers in South Dundas and surrounding area will be able to order online and through the Pizza Hut call in service, but there will also be a local number available to place orders. “You will never get a busy signal.”

The new Pizza Hut location in Morrisburg will be fitted with its specialized equipment over the next few weeks and with two ovens to be included, Dillabough says he will be able to put out 45 pizzas per oven in one hour.

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