Under One hosting Summer Youth Rally in Morrisburg

“We are all in over our heads, but that’s okay,” a group of community youth pastors agreed as they spoke about an upcoming first time event they are organizing and hosting – Under One Summer Youth Rally.

Joe Groeneveld, of the Williamsburg Christian Reform Church, Dan Ponsen of the Dixon’s Corners Christian Reform Church, James Garlough of the South Dundas Lutheran Community Church and Daniel Rudd of Gathering House, recently spoke about the upcoming event.

This network of area youth pastors are organizing and hosting the Under One Summer Youth Rally, Saturday, July 26 here in Morrisburg. They hope to attract hundreds of youth from grades 6-12 to the Morrisburg waterfront to enjoy swimming, displays, outdoor games, a share a positive message with area youth through a special guest speaker and concert featuring three pop/rock bands. The concert takes place at the Cruickshank Amphitheatre.

The Under One youth pastor network has hosted other smaller events before, with much success, so they decided to work together to organize the Rock the Riverfront rally. 

“None of us have ever organized a concert before, so this is all new to us,” said Rudd.

“Even though it’s all new to us, it is amazing to see how God is bringing everyone together,” said Ponsen.

“All of the area churches have gotten involved in some way and are helping to support and promote this. It’s wonderful to see,” said Garlough. “It’s exciting for this area to have a big event like this, and it’s really nice to have something for this age group.”

“My hope is that everyone, even those who haven’t set foot in a church in a while, will come to this event, bring their friends and have a great time,” said Groeneveld.

The fun and games start at 3 p.m., with the concert to start a 6:30 and go until 10 p.m. The only expense to those participating, will be food. The fun and games, and the concert, are free.

All youth are welcome and encouraged to attend. Church youth groups from all of South Dundas and its surrounding areas have been invited to attend.

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