Ten year housing plan for Cornwall and SD&G


Public input is key to a new 10-year housing plan, now in the works. 

Community members will have a chance to help shape a new vision for housing in the City of Cornwall and the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry for the next decade and beyond.

The City of Cornwall’s Social Housing Division is in the midst of creating a new 10-year Housing Plan for Cornwall and SDG that will focus on the entire spectrum of housing, from homelessness to affordable home ownership. 

The plan will include an assessment of current and future housing needs as well as targets and objectives to meet those needs.

“This is a high-level strategic plan,” said Debora Daigle, Manager, Social and Housing Services. “It will identify needs and respond to local challenges with innovative community-based solutions.”

Public consultation is a key element in the process, and officials are reaching out to the public and community stakeholders to provide input during the preparation of the plan. 

Residents and interested stakeholders are invited to share their thoughts through a short online survey that is available on the City website (www.Cornwall.ca). The survey will be available until the end of August.

“The survey will help us identify gaps in service and priorities to improve access to quality and affordable housing,” said Daigle. “We’re hoping to get input from a wide cross-section of the community, including members of the public, community agencies, planners, developers, builders and housing providers.”

As the Consolidated Municipal Service Manager for Cornwall and SDG, the City of Cornwall has a mandate to develop a plan covering the entire region.

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