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Blessed Easter Season

In four more days we will be hunting for “Easter eggs” probably hidden outside in the snow this year! Maybe we will be having Easter breakfast of hot chocolate and hot cross buns with our sweaters on, as opposed to spring clothes. 

Whatever the weather brings the traditional celebrations of Easter will be as it always has been.

Most of us have traditions for certain celebrations during the year. Customs, information or beliefs that we pass on to our next generation that aren’t necessarily written down anywhere but that are passed on by thought, action, or word of mouth. 

What are your traditional celebrations of Easter?  We don’t always know where these traditions have started, but we know that we always do them.

Our communities of faith all have traditions too. There are 11 churches in Morrisburg inviting you to come along and be a part of the spiritual and religious celebrations of Holy Week and of Easter Sunday. Easter comes every year to make sure that we don’t forget that all we are is transformed in and through God. The only thing that limits our Easter joy is our reluctance to believe in the risen Christ.

I personally invite you to join us by coming to church with us to celebrate.  

May God bless your Easter Season!


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