Is That All There Is?


Wiarton Willie and Shubenacadie Sam, Canada’s own furry heroes, are now the reigning champs of weather prediction!

Ontario’s Willie and Nova Scotia’s Sam both predicted an early spring when they climbed out of their dens on February 2 to examine the weather. Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil, who claimed that there would be six more weeks of winter, has definitely been left ‘out in the cold’ in 2012.

Go Canadian Hogs!

Frankly, Old Man Winter has been seriously missing in action in North America this year. Could it be that he packed the camper in early November and headed down south to Florida? Or perhaps he’s flown to Europe (currently coping with one of the coldest winters on record) and taken up residence in an ice palace? The fact is, this winter we’ve experienced no blinding snow falls. No devastating ice storms. No endless sub arctic temperatures. 

It’s been positively boring.

The only thing that some people have to look forward to in this last month of winter may be actually celebrating a birthday for real on February 29!

Climatologists and learned scientists may try to explain our balmy winter weather by pointing to El Nino and the movements of the Gulf Stream and to stable arctic air currents. But we know the real truth. Willie and Sam rule. Groundhog power to the nth degree. Who needs science? 

However, should it turn out that Winter still has some nasty tricks up his sleeve, well, does anyone have a recipe for groundhog stew..?                  

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