Curling season winding down


Three senior men’s teams travelled to Cornwall last Wednesday for their last friendly bonspiel of the season. 

Unfortunately, our Cornwall hosts were not as friendly as they might have been on the ice. Refreshments before the game were great, (love that syrup for the coffee) and the lunch was superb, but our fellows had trouble getting the points they needed during their matches.

For the record, Martin Schneckenburger, Sam Locke, Bud Perry and Larry Ware, Al Harriman, Ron Beaupre, Keith Robinson and Eric Johnson, as well as Wally McDonald, Rick MacKenzie, Fred “Boomer” Langlotz and Earl Jeacle were able to claim free drinks from their opposite numbers in their games. 

It was a very pleasant day, however, ending with heart-felt good wishes, and the usual humorous anecdotes prior to the drive west. We look forward to more of these friendly matches next season.

There were also three senior mixed teams in Kemptville on Friday. This was a 222 bonspiel, with Mahlon Locke, Kathy Norg, and Sam and Claire Locke being our top team. They lost their first match against North Grenville, had a very good lunch, and then went out in the afternoon to triumph over one of the Navan foursomes.

Wally McDonald, Ruth Kelly, “Boomer” Langlotz and Joanne Baker tied their first match against Lynne Stacey’s Navan team but dropped their afternoon game against Richmond. 

The ice was problematic for all, but a couple of the rocks were “cutters” (I’ve been watching curling on television and heard about TSN’s “secret word”) and this threw off our athletes. I’m told that in one game, nobody on either team got a rock over the hog line in an early end. We really love what our ice technician has done for our curling.

Our final team, Keith Robinson, Alice Thompson, Rick MacKenzie and Sandra Beckstead, dropped tight matches to old friends from Manotick, the Froats team, and also lost to Lynne Stacey from Navan. Lynn finished third on the day behind Alexandria. 

All in all, it was a good day for our teams, with sunshine outside, pleasant hospitality inside, and modest prizes for all.

By the way, the final two-person bonspiel last Sunday featured Wally McDonald in the ‘A’ final rather than Wally Baker. Sorry for the error, fellows.

As to our little rockers, they had their windup night last week, and have come a long way this year, finishing in the middle of the pack in their zone playdowns with Ottawa, Cornwall and Perth. They also did extremely well in their first play down experience. Next season they’ll be a year older, and we look forward to great curling for them.

There are still a few openings for the early draw in our closing bonspiel on April 6, and for those not curling but wanting to come for the closing banquet around 6 p.m., don’t forget to sign up on the sheet in the lounge. 

We’ll have a summary of the year’s events, and a final look at what to expect at our club over the summer. The club championship will be competed for after the closing banquet, and we’ll look forward to events in the fall.

Good curling to all!


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