Tooth Fairy offering free teeth cleaning


Good dental health hygiene is important, although it can be expensive.

Dental hygienist Lori Garlough, owner of the Tooth Fairy Dental Hygiene Clinic in Ingleside, understands that, and wants to give back to her community, so she is offering free dental cleaning for low income adults, this Saturday, February 9, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This service is not for those who are already participating in one of the existing government programs and is not geared towards children.

“I wanted to make dental hygiene more affordable when I opened my business in Ingleside seven years ago,” she said. 

Even though she provides an affordable alternative, she knows that the cost is still too high for some low income families.

To take advantage of Garlough’s offer of a free cleaning this Saturday, those interested must call the office (613-537-8427) to register.

This one day event is an independent dental hygiene practitioners effort called Gift from the Heart. It’s a day set aside for dental hygienists to educate everyone on the link between oral health and overall health by helping lower income Canadians. 

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