Extinguishing tool proves out in first use

Last week, the conditions of the Dundela house fire were just right for the South Dundas Fire Chief to use a Dry Sprinkler Powder Aerosol extinguishing system that he has had at his disposal since the summer.

When he was the first to arrive at the scene of the fire he assessed the situation and found that the DSPA would be quite effective. 

“It won’t put the fire out completely, but they do work well in a confined space,” said McDonough. Since the windows of the home were still intact, McDonough opted to throw in the DSPA. It landed very near the fire source. 

The DSPA is a type of extinguisher with a string attached to an igniter. When the igniter is pulled, a foamy agent is released from the canister, trapping and dousing the flames. 

“This is the first one I’ve used and it certainly worked very well,” said McDonough. “It certainly slowed the fire,” he said explaining that by slowing the fire, some of the smoke cleared and the internal temperature of the structure was lowered, to allow fire crews to immediately access the source of the fire when they arrived on scene minutes later. 

“I’m very pleased with how the DSPA worked,” said McDonough. “It’s a great tool for us to have, especially in the rural areas, where I can often get to the scene before the fire crews.”

McDonough said that the DSPA is a very cost effective tool as it may result in saving structures.

The cost of each DSPA is about $1,500. The fire chief’s truck and each of the first to call vehicles are presently equipped with a DSPA. The cost of the DSPA may, in some cases, may be reimbursed by the insurer.

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