Morrisburg Curling-Adams Trophy claimed

The day curling men at the Morrisburg Curling Club have begun their second round robin league series, this one for the Bowman Trophy. 

Last week the winners of the Adams Trophy, named for Gerald Adams, one of our finest senior curlers, were announced. The champions were Pete Zeran, Karl Duncan, Gerry Thompson and Robert Martin. 

Close on their heels were Jack Barkley’s rink, made up of Ted Herriman, Earl Jeacle and Eric Johnson, and right behind them were Don O’Brien, Rick McKenzie, Keith Robinson and John Walsh.

Some of our senior men attended an over-seventies bonspiel in Navan, the Masters, last week. Raymond Benoit was hoping that some of his old friends from Buckingham, with whom he went to the senior national championships a few years back, would be there. Sure enough, when he arrived with Sid Morrell, Neil Williams and Pete Zeran, not only was Buckingham there, they were scheduled to play Morrisburg. 

It was a morning of dreams, as our local boys trounced the old friends before enjoying a fine lunch. Perhaps they enjoyed too many beverages with the meal, for in the afternoon our chaps were slated against Cumberland, who had lost all but one end in their morning game. For whatever reason, the Morrisburg contingent could not match their morning success, and were overpowered by Cumberland. Too bad, fellows!

    In another bonspiel, Peter Zeran, Doug Jarvis, Fred Langlotz and Eric Johnson played in Winchester against Pete’s old friend from Cornwall, Gary Stover. Gary was unusually generous with Pete, allowing him to win all but one end in their match. 

After another good lunch, Pete’s afternoon opponent was a Russell foursome. Jack Barkley also had a team there: Karl Duncan, Peter Byvelds and Bob Youmelle. (If the skips had their regular teams with them.) Jack’s team split their matches.

Perhaps Pete and Gary will meet again in the Parnell championship being played this Friday in Morrisburg. As hosts, we are only allowed one team this time. Pete, Karl Duncan, Earl Jeacle and Ralph Graves defeated Don O’Brien, Wally Baker, Jack Barkley and Andy Patenaude in competition for this one spot. Pete has to play Sid Morrell’s team for the right to challenge Cornwall, Lancaster and Prescott on Friday.

Two ladies’ quartets competed last week in bonspiels. Gretta McGann, Susan McIntosh and Paula and Claire Locke defeated Smiths Falls and after lunch in Brockville’s dining room, tied their match with a Kemptville foursome to finish in third place, behind Kingston and Brockville. Well done, folks.

Our other curlers, Alice Thompson, Sharon Van Allen, Pat Foley and Sandra Beckstead, dropped tight games against Cornwall and Alexandria at the Lancaster club, and enjoyed a delicious catered luncheon and pleasant social interaction with some very fine teams and likeable curlers.

Next Tuesday, Morrisburg hosts their annual ladies’ bonspiel, with twelve teams from Eastern Ontario vying to get their names on the trophy and collect prizes.

Also, Andy Patenaude reports that he’s taking a mixed team to compete in the Ontario Senior games. The venue is Maxville, and the other teams in the round robin competition are from Winchester and Cornwall. We’ll have the results of those two events next time.

Finally, the Morrisburg club is hosting a Christmas bonspiel for next Saturday. 

The sign-up sheet and details are to be found in the lounge.

    Good curling to all!    


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