Spending money to save money


Total utility bills in excess of $800,000 annually have municipal officials thinking that there has to be a way to cut those costs.

At the last South Dundas council meeting, council agreed to retain I.B. Storey Inc. Professional Energy Solutions to provide professional energy auditing services at various municipal facilities.

They were selected from  South Dundas’ recent request for proposal process that garnered nine proposals ranging in price from about $12,000 to over $77,000.

The proposal accepted was not the highest, nor the lowest priced proposal, but was the highest ranked for quality by the review team. The cost of their services is just about $16,000.

The facilities that will be reviewed during this audit will include the public works depots at Matilda and Williamsburg, the arena in Morrisburg, the water treatment plant, the buildings that house the Morrisburg and Iroquois Fire Stations and the Matilda Community Centre at Dixon’s Corners.

According to South Dundas chief administrative officer Stephen McDonald, the scope of the work will entail four major components for each of the buildings including; energy and utility data analysis, on-site facility audits and equipment inventories, and audit report and training and education.

The 2012 budget includes $10,000 for this energy audit. The balance will be funded through OSWAP funding allocations. Staff plans to examine other funding assistance opportunities and incentives available through the utility companies. The $800,000 annual utility cost includes annual street lighting costs of about $100,000. Staff are looking at ways to reduce these costs as well, but they will be dealt with in future through a different report.

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