1812 Actors ready to perform in Iroquois Festival


These actors are in final rehearsals at the Iroquois Legion for their exciting performances for the Iroquois Festival, “A Call to Arms…Dundas Militia…War of 1812,” taking place on September 15. The talented local actors will be presenting two comic short skits based on incidents in South Dundas’ rich history. The first is called The Marriage Proposal, the second, The Coach Ride, and they are guaranteed to leave audiences laughing. Left to right, Reina DeJong, Connery Brown, Jared Gibson, Jennifer Howard and George Menges (who couldn’t be present for the photo) will bring to life such fascinating and funny characters as the very British Lady Backwash, farmer William Loucks, Mary MacDonald, mail order bride, a native Canadian and Johnson, the Cockney man servant. Wendy Gibb is directing them. Don’t miss their performances on September 15. And don’t miss this wonderful community festival in the Iroquois plaza. 

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