Storm disrupts power in parts of South Dundas


While many area residents were relieved to see a little rain on Monday, some were faced with the inconvenience of a prolonged power outage. 

Due to the July 23 storm, several homes in South Dundas powered by Hydro One lost power early Monday evening, including sections of Church Road, Glen Becker Road, Dunbar Road and County Road 31.

According to Hydro One Winchester, 1,842 customers were without power in the areas served by the Winchester location, including residents of South Dundas.

Hydro One crews were dispatched to several locations to investigate. As of mid-morning on July 24, a direct cause had not yet been identified. 

It was suggested however, that with a storm similar to the one on July 23, there is usually a ‘laundry list’ of possibilities including branches on lines and downed poles.

It was estimated that power would be returned by 6 p.m. Tuesday night, leaving some without power for almost 24 hours.

This story was ongoing and not yet resolved as of press time.

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