Living with turbines: Ontario woman speaks up


On July 16th, at the DC Community Centre in Dixon’s Corners, local residents had an opportunity to hear first hand what it’s like to live surrounded by industrial wind turbines.

The South Branch Wind Opposition Group welcomed Monica Elmes, leader of the Chatham-Kent Wind Action Group, who shared her story and experience living amongst more than 40 industrial wind turbines.

Despite the fact that Elmes’ home is 1.5 kilometers away from the nearest turbine, she and her family have reported experiencing ill effects like sleep deprivation. 

According to Bruce Albers, president of the South Branch Wind Opposition Group, Elmes and her family took time out of their vacation visiting friends in the area to talk with local residents who have concerns about Prowind Canada’s South Branch Wind Farm project.

The South Branch Wind Farm project is slated to erect up to 14 wind turbines in the Brinston and Shanly areas. 

According to Albers, while turnout for the talk was low due to the Monday morning time, those that did attend were shocked to hear that Elmes had registered approximately 130 complaints to the Minstiry of the Environment to no avail.

He also pointed out that the turbines slated for the South Branch project are expected to be taller than those in Elmes’ area and that there will be turbines placed closer than 1.5 kilometers from some area homes. 

The South Branch Wind Farm project’s final Renewable Energy Application has been submitted to the Ministry of the Environment for approval.

The application status is marked “received and being screened for completeness.” 

Once the application has been deemed complete, the ministry will post the application to the Ontario Environmental Registry website where the public will then have the opportunity to post comments concerning the project.

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