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Dear Editor,

The subject of wind turbines is currently being hotly debated in Dundas County with strong emotions on both sides of the issue, pitting neighbour against neighbour and creating divisions within our communities. 

In an effort to inform and educate, the Dundas Environmental Awareness Group (DEAG) planned a town hall meeting to take place in Winchester in mid-June. The goal was to offer a balanced, science and fact-based forum representing the positions of all stakeholders.

Unfortunately, in spite of rigorous efforts, DEAG was not able to secure the participation of the wind turbine industry or its association for the proposed panel discussion.

We remain hopeful that there will be another opportunity in the fall to organize a forum, with an expert-based and balanced panel that will help community residents learn first-hand about wind turbines, draw their own conclusions and make informed decisions.

Maria Thompson

Secretary, DEAG

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