Joint tender leads to better price


At the May 1st South Dundas council meeting, manager of public works Hugh Garlough recommended that council accept seven tenders, each achieved through a joint tender process with the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.

The tenders included are:

• Canada Culvert for corrugated steel pipe at a cost of $6,002.76

• Maximum Signs for signs at a cost of $212.40

• Crossroads Pavement Marking for specialty pavement marking at a cost “to be determined”

• Road Last Asphalt & Sealing Maintenance Inc. for crack sealing at a cost of $18,900

• HWB Bruce Sales Inc. for blades and cutting edges at a cost of $1,298.02

• UCC Industries International Inc for perforated tubing sign posts at a cost of $1,421.25

• Denchem for dust suppressant at a cost of $64,098

Garlough told council that “the roads department feel we get a better price by tendering as a group.”

He informed council that the amounts are already accounted for in the 2012 budget. 

Quietly and without comment, council unanimously agreed to the recommendation.

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