Check Please! puts laughter on the menu with Seaway High School Play play


 Is there anyone out there who doesn’t have at least one story involving the ultimate bad first date?

The senior drama students of Seaway District High School in Iroquois hope to revive those memories, and still leave everyone laughing, when they present their dinner theatre production of Check, Please! at the high school on Friday, May 11, at 6 p.m.

The 7th annual play and lasagna dinner event is being organized by the Seaway District High School Parents’ Council, chaired by Leslie Disheau.

Check, Please is absolutely a comedy,” said Seaway drama teacher/director Emma Mayer. “It concerns the challenges faced by some very different people who are all venturing into the dating scene. The comic situations and lines still leave me laughing even after all the rehearsals.”

The play, by Jonathan Rand, revolves around a series of vignettes. The characters meet each other for the first time at a restaurant and must then cope with first impressions and false impressions, among other things.

“One of the characters walks in to her blind date only to discover he is a mime and is waiting for her ‘in character,’” Mayer explained.  “Another is faced with someone dressed in nothing but a burlap sack when she arrives to meet him at the restaurant. This is a play full of comic lines and great characters.”

With so many people ‘meeting’ for the first time on the internet, it is probably only to be expected that Rand includes a character who talks to her blind date almost exclusively in on-line lingo.

“The characters are all individuals, of different ages, coping with ‘love’ in their own way,” Mayer said.

The tradition of presenting dinner theatre at Seaway as both a fund raiser, and a venue for senior drama students to showcase their talents in a major culminating project, is well established. In previous years, audiences have enjoyed You Can’t Take It With You, George Washington Slept Here, Murder Takes the Stage and Macbeth-ish among others.

Check, Please will be carrying on this performance tradition.

Another tradition of the spring production is the delicious dinner ticket holders get to enjoy before the play begins. 

There will be a full lasagna dinner served beginning at 6 p.m. on May 11, followed at 7 p.m. by the play and later by music and dancing.

Parents’ council has also organized a silent auction as part of the gala evening. 

There are 21 students in the cast all of whom are in grade 11-12 senior theatre arts at Seaway. They also handle the back stage. 

With the additional assistance of teacher Kim Lalonde, who got preparations for the 2012 production going earlier in the semester, and who has been helping with rehearsals and staging issues, the class has been in rehearsals since April 1. The rehearsals are held during regular class time and also during the daily MSIP period. 

“My students are wonderful,” Mayer said. “They’ve been working hard at lines and at creating props and costumes. There was a real team effort involved in the painting of our sets for the show.” 

Tickets for the May 11 gala dinner theatre production of Check, Please! are only $10 each. Because a full dinner is included in the event, tickets must be purchased in advance. 

Tickets are available at Seaway District High School (613-652-4878), Mustard’s Variety, Candy’s Hair Salon/Sears, all in Iroquois, Whitteker’s in Williamsburg and the Seaway Valley Pharmacy in Morrisburg.

All funds raised by the show will be directed into new technology for the high school.

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