Wind opposition group continues fight for rights

With Prowind Canada’s submission of their final report to the Ministry of Environment (MOE) drawing closer, the South Branch Wind Opposition Group (SBWOG) is still hard at work trying to stop the project from moving forward.

On March 18th, at the DC Community Center in Dixon’s Corners,  the opposition group held a fundraiser, “Patty’s Delight Fundraiser,” to help subsidize legal fees for their appeal to the Environmental Review Tribunal.

Following the event, group representative Leslie Disheau reported: “Our group had great support today for the afternoon of music, desserts, and silent auction.”

“Everyone enjoyed themselves. We ended the day with a grand total of $1,827.”

“I am very happy with our fundraising event,” continued Disheau, “and proud of the work done by our members.” 

In addition to fundraising, the group has also been busy lobbying for help from local MPP for Stormont, Dundas, and South Glengarry, Jim McDonell.

According to his Executive Assistant, Marilyn McMahon, McDonell “has agreed to attend and help set up a format with other MPPs for an open discussion with both sides.”

Disheau said that “we have no firm date yet from Jim’s office but it looks like around the first of April.”

“SBWOG is still busy. We have placed our newsletter, Breaking Wind, in seven locations for people to take and read,” she said. 

The newsletter, Breaking Wind: Demystifying misconceptions about Wind Power, sheds light on a few myths and defines some wind power terms like ‘low frequency noise’ and ‘infrasound.’

One of the myths presented is the often heard: “It’s just in their heads.” According to the opposition group’s newsletter: “People complain wind turbines make them sick… it’s not just in their heads! Evidence exists that if wind turbines are placed too close to residents, they can cause harm to  humans.”

In a passionate appeal to the general population, Disheau pleaded: “People in the community need to wake up and realize that as tax payers there are 149 houses directly affected by this project and each of us will be appealing our property assessments to MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation) for devaluation.”

“Guess who’s picking up the lost property taxation? Residents of Morrisburg, Iroquois, and Williamsburg areas. Our township is small and we don’t have enough industry to help pay the tax base so everything once again falls on homeowners.”

In addition to answering questions by phone, 613-658-1236, the South Branch Wind Opposition Group is creating their own dedicated website.

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