A stacking we will go… Morrisburg Public School sends large team

In the five years it’s been up and running at Morrisburg Public School, speed/sport stacking has become extremely popular among the students. As a result when the annual tournament at Nationview Public School rolled around two weeks ago, 54 students helped to pack up the cups and off they went. Leading this year’s results for MPS were Bryce Bradford who scored a third place finish overall at the grade 6 level and Gabriel Baker who scored a third place finish overall at the grade 4 level. Stackers from local schools made for a great and very exciting day at Nationview, with generally 100 plus kids stacking at a time. “It’s crazy loud,” says Nancy Beavers who is the coordinator of the MPS Speed Stacking Club.  “It’s the one sport we take as many students that want to go,” says Nancy Beavers. Stackers at MPS work on their stacking skills at recess during the winter months. “Sometimes there are so many, we don’t have enough cups…and we have 400 cups,” says Beavers. Speed stacking involves the up-stacking and down-stacking of specially designed cups in pre-determined sequences. “It’s great for working the left and right sides of the brain and for hand and eye coordination,” explained Beavers. “It also helps with other activities and sports. It’s for the athlete as well as the non-athlete, and it’s great for kids with disabilities.” The basic patterns are 3-3-3, 3-6-3, and the cycle, all including the up-stacking and down-stacking of the cups. “It’s all on speed,” says Beavers. “If they stumble they have to go back and fix it. It’s all timed, it’s all electronic.” Pictured above, with their ribbons won at the Nationview Speed Stacking tournament, front left to right, are Austin Gonclaves, Sam Connors, Tyler Shields, Manraj Cheema and Oakley Beavers. Back, l-r, are Gabriel Baker, Katie Perry, Sheetal Sahota (front), Kristyn Van Hoof, coach Nancy Beavers, Abby Smith and Bryce Bradford. Cameryn Broad was absent.


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