Company Award for Ingleside Kraft Employee

On February 22, at a special ceremony in Toronto, Charlene Rose, the Continuous Improvement Manager at the Kraft Foods plant in Ingleside, was one of seven employees across Canada to receive a Canadian Leadership of Excellence Award.

The daughter of Ed and Estella Rose of Winchester, Charlene lives with her husband David (Conners) and their two children, Eilish and son Aidan north of Iroquois.

The Award is the highest Canadian award available and is given annually by the Kraft Canada Executive Team to honor those employees whose behavior, actions and results reflect Kraft’s core values and, ultimately, outstanding leadership.

 According to a profile presented at the banquet, Charlene “is a renowned Canadian expert in cheese. Charlene has taken Kraft’s focus on Lean Six Sigma to new heights. Her long term strategy and drive for record productivity, along with her ability to challenge our lean resources and build the culture it takes to implement work improvements has resulted in several big successes in 2011, which set us up for success in the future.”

In the company’s congratulatory release it is pointed out that “the strength of our company is the direct results of the strength of our people. And everyday, employees across Kraft Canada are quietly going about their day, doing what they need to do to help the business achieve incredible results and built their own success.”

“But year after year, there are a few individuals who seem to go the extra mile and continue to demonstrate outstanding leaders. And these individuals are this year’s Canadian Leader Excellence Award winners.”

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