Donation night at council


“I do have the opportunity tonight,” began South Dundas Mayor Steven Byvelds, “to present cheques to services I feel are worthy.” 

On February 21st, Byvelds presented cheques to Carefor Hospice Cornwall, Dundas County Hospice, and St. Lawrence College’s Cornwall Campus.

Carefor Hospice received $1,000. Sandy Collette, a representative from the hospice, confirmed that “we’ve had a number of people from South Dundas come through our hospice.”

She revealed that Carefor Hospice Cornwall has “to raise about half a million dollars a year to keep it running.”

Bea Van Gilst, a representative from Dundas County Hospice, was also on hand to receive a cheque for $1,000. Byvelds said he was inspired to help the hospices after his wife Debbie took a course in hospice. Byvelds said, “we need people for support, and these special people need us for support.”

St. Lawrence College received $300 towards its building program and another $4,000 for scholarships.

“I feel we need to invest in our young people,” said Byvelds.

Fairweather assured council that the donations would “certainly be put to good use” and “directed specifically at people from our area.”

Byvelds said, “the funds were remaining from money collected from donations for use during my term as Warden for events such as the Warden’s Room at ROMA.”

“Since the funds were donated,” Byvelds felt it important to donate the money to services within SD&G that could benefit everyone.

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