Policy to prevent sign pollution


 Don Lewis, Manager of Planning and Enforcement for South Dundas, raised the issue of “sign pollution” at the January 17th council meeting.

Discussion over the portable signs in Morrisburg and Iroquois revolved around three main concerns: visual aesthetics; road hazards; and, fairness in advertising.

“My main concern,” said Mayor Steven Byvelds, “is sign pollution.”

However, he also pointed out that “we’re spending over two grand to do our own signs.”

“Right now,” he continued, “we’re not equal. We allow whatever goes on.”

He suggested that staff “come up with a policy on signs.” The policy, it was pointed out, would have to be in conjunction with procedures at the County level since many of the signs are situated on county roads.

Both Councillors Jim Graham and Evonne Delegarde expressed concern for public safety. “A lot of those signs are obstructing drivers from seeing,” said Delegarde.

Graham added, “if you can cut down on sign pollution, you’re making it safer.”

Deputy-mayor Jim Locke had “mixed feelings,” but agreed with the rest of council that signs should be “kept up and back from the road.”

Byvelds encouraged Lewis “to find a solution to this problem.”

He closed the subject, saying, “I think we need some direction. I’m going to bring it up until I see some action.”

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