Debate continues over Doran’s snow removal


The issue of who is responsible for removing snow at the new subdivision, Doran Creek Estates in Iroquois, is not yet resolved.

At the January 17th South Dundas council meeting, Councillor Evonne Delegarde put forth a motion “that we reconsider the snow cleaning at Doran Creek Estates.”

The motion was seconded by Deputy-mayor Jim Locke. “My feelings are well known and haven’t changed,” said Locke. He also suggested, however, that both parties sit down together in an effort to find a compromise.

“Nothing against Mr. Swank. He’s done a wonderful job,” said Councillor Jim Graham, but “it’s the policy we have with developments and it’s that we don’t take over roads until they’re done. If we do it for Swank, we’ll have to do it for others.”

In addition, he pointed out that “if we’re taking responsibility for them, we’re also accepting liability.”

Mayor Steven Byvelds said, “the time for this discussion was when the township and Mr. Swank made the agreement.”

He agreed with Graham, saying, “it’s not our road. We do not have title to it.”

In the end, it was decided that council would defer making a ruling. Staff was asked to bring a report to the next meeting.

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