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Today I’m writing this as I sit at the table of a retreat house in Memphis, TN where the weather is a balmy 20 degrees Celsius. The sun has been shining and I have been doing some post-Christmas reflecting.  Here is where I come for refreshment and renewal after a hectic Christmas season. Here is where I make every effort to renew my spirit and refill my cup so that I can give my best to the people whom I serve in my parish and beyond.

Part of my retreat is to examine what it is that I have done to make myself as tired and depleted as I have felt. My spiritual director is good at pulling from me the “other” stuff that wears me out and how to establish good ways to serve God and the parish so that doesn’t continue to happen.

We have been looking at all of this with the help of a book written by Joan Chittester called “The Monastery of the Heart.”

In her book Chittester says, “Retreat time is the practice of making personal time for the kind of spiritual time that is beyond the routine of religious practices or spiritual duties.” In other words, what we need to do is take time away from our everyday activities and pay attention to God and how God is at work in our lives – even if for only a few minutes in our day.

When we make time for God in our daily lives – and I mean intentional time, then we will find ourselves refilling our cups, renewing our spiritual selves and we will be refreshed.

As you find your way through 2012, take time for God every day. Learn what it is that makes you renewed and refreshed. Move through the coming days with joy and peace with God by your side.

See you tomorrow when I get home. Do you think that you can manage a 20 degree day for me?

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