WOOOOOOHOOOOO!!! Normal week at Seaway


Stormy Howard here again with the latest and greatest news from Seaway District High School. This week at Seaway was pretty normal and all business. Tests and projects are in full swing, as teachers are preparing for interm report cards. 

In the gym, the girls basketball team is hard at work practicing for their game next Friday at Seaway against St. Lawrence. 

The cross country team has had another successful meet at the Kemptville Turkey Trot. Although no one brought home a turkey this year, great showings were had by Brynn Gilmour (4th), Sophia Currier (15th), Lauryn Henry (24th), Stormy Howard (58th), Kendra Buter (66nd). Also in the midget boys Isaiah Grant (71st), Ryan Morrison (84th), and Clay Dumoulin (93rd). In junior boy category, Mustafa Hamadi was 24th. Senior girls had Sarah Dickey (29th), Lesley Ann Tupper (30th) Taylor Webster (93) and in senior boys Greg Bolton (52nd), Graydon Baylis (49th), Denzil Barkley (46th) and Darren Stintson (57th). Great effort by everyone involved!

Link Crew is busy planning a Halloween trip for the grade 9 student to Fort Fright in Kingston. Stay tuned for the details, but the trip looks like it is going to be spooktacular!

 This week, Seaway has also received a new teacher. She teaches grade 9-12 French! Her name is Mme. Julie Martin. We are very excited to have her and thought it would be a great idea to talk to her and ask her some questions!

 1. How long have you been teaching? I have been teaching for 17 years…and yes am only 30…

 2. Have you worked at any other schools before? Yes… I did work at five different schools. My first two years of teaching was with the French Catholic School Board and then I worked at Rothwell-Osnabruck in Ingleside.

 3. Why do you teach French? I loooooooooooooooooove the language as well as the culture.  I also love talking in French….I love how the language sounds…

 4. If you could pick another subject what would you like to teach? I have always enjoyed Civics.  Oh Canadian politics -In my eyes there is never a dull moment.

 5. What things do you like to do on your free time? Well….There is tennis – playing or watching it.  I enjoy reading – I try to alternate between a French novel then an English novel every other week, but have been on the same book for the past three weeks.  I also enjoy travelling to various countries.

 6. Why is tennis your favorite sport? True story: I really struggled with it and it was a challenge to learn when I was younger but was determined to stay with it and did.  I was so mad at myself for not being able to hit the ball back.  Once I learned how to play, I have always loved the feel of the racquet and hitting the ball as hard as I can.  So much fun. Everyone should try it.

7. Do you teach 9-12? Yes, I do teach 9-12, but on a fun note I am qualified to teach from JK to Grade 12.

 8. What do you like about teaching high school? I enjoy teaching a specific subject for a specific amount of time.  I enjoy the interaction and learning with intermediate and secondary students.

 9. When you first came to Seaway were you confused with the bell system? I know I was when I first came. Oh yes…I think I still am.

 10. What do you like about Seaway so far? Students and staff are awesome and have made me feel so welcomed. Merci:)

11. If you could do anything in the world what would you do? I would like to travel a lot more!

12. What’s your favorite animal?-cat; Color?-blue; Food?-Thai; Dessert?-My mother used to always make this great dessert for my birthday called, Gâteau Maman Romanoff, so decadent and so good.

So now we know all about our new teacher! She feels very welcomed and can’t wait to continue teaching all of her classes.


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