Curlers sweep in the new year


The club held its first New Year’s Eve bonspiel and party for some years, and our president, Mahlon Locke, tells us it went well and that they hope to have another one next year. There was a full slate of curlers, with the top athletes on the evening being Sam Locke and Rachelle Eaves, with Rick Mackenzie and Janie Connolly right behind them. 

The participants played two-person games first, and in their second games combined high and low scorers for a four-end match, with each one skipping for an end. Finally, the third game involved draws to the button, with final scores reflecting total points earned. With television coverage of the New Year’s Eve entertainment in certain large venues to augment their own, the revelers eventually headed home after a great evening. 

The event was open to non-curlers, as well as former members and friends. It was a great mix of people, and we’ll look forward to the renewal of festivities next year.  

     The senior men’s playoff last Wednesday saw Martin Schneckenburger, Wally McDonald, George Rutley and Ron Brown drawn against Pete Zeran, Jack Dikland, Karl Duncan and Earl Jeacle. It was well-curled game, with Martin’s team triumphing on the last rock of the ten-end match. They would join our other champions in Cornwall for the Parnell competition on Friday. Jack Barkley, Doug Jarvis, Maurice Kolff and Andy Patenaude curled Sid Morrell, Neil Williams, Raymond Benoit and Al Harriman. Each team won four ends, but the Morrell foursome emerged as the winners. Good competition as always in these elimination matches.

     On Thursday a senior mixed team ventured to Alexandria for their one game bonspiel. Steve and Alice Thompson, Keith Robinson and Sharon Van Allen took to the ice against two Mount Royal fellows and two late replacements from the local area. The Morrisburgers could only win three ends against this fine group, who won the overall championship among the eighteen teams in the competition. 

In spite of it all, it was a wonderful day, and our representatives met many fine people, including twelve the teams from the province of Quebec. We’ll be back next year!     

     In the Parnell in Cornwall, our champions acquitted themselves well, splitting their matches. Sid Morrell, Neil Williams, Raymond Benoit and Al Harriman dropped their first game to the Prescott foursome that won the trophy, but defeated Lancaster in their second. Martin Schneckenburger, Wally McDonald, George Rutley and Ron Brown were squeezed out in their first game against Lancaster, but managed a huge win against the top Cornwall team. The highlight of the match was a shot by skip Martin, slipping his shot between two tight guards to knock out the enemy shot stone to lie and win the match. Don and Sally O’Brien were there to support our teams. Good to see them there, even behind the glass. 

     Glen Cougler’s stick bonspiel had 10 teams confirmed at time of writing, two from our club. It should be interesting to watch this fine invitational bonspiel.

     Susan McIntosh’s next two-person bonspiel is also on this month. There’s a sign-up sheet in the lounge.

    With 10 teams signed up for Thursday morning we’ve had to go to 9 and 11:15 a.m.

starting times to get everyone playing each week. Unless there’s a new schedule out, the plan is to have teams formerly on a bye play in the 11:15 a.m. draw each time. It’s good to see the daytime mixed numbers so high. 

Good curling!

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